Terms of use
Terms of use

The use of this website of Femern Bælt A/S (Femern A/S) and its contents is subject to the following terms, which are accepted by means of using the website or by any registration made. Unless otherwise is announced, these terms of use shall also apply on any future additions or changed material on the website. Additional terms of use may apply to particular material or features as indicated on the website.

The website is intended for the purpose of providing illustrative material of the Fehmarnbelt project  to  stake-holders including media. It is not intended for the marketing of goods or services.

Use of the website and its content is free of charge. Femern A/S holds the right of use to all illustrations on the website and accepts that third parties use the material provided that credit is given to Femern A/S. Any commercial use of the contents of this website, except for the purposes of press and publicity work, is subject to the prior approval of Femern A/S.

Any kind of intervention causing damage to the material on the website is forbidden and may be prosecuted under criminal and civil law.

It is illegal to distribute, provide or make accessible any violent, racist, pornographic, otherwise distasteful or illegal content, or any content contrary to recognized customs in society, or to use the content of this website for such purposes. Violations may result in deletion and temporary or permanent exclusion in addition to legal redress.

Femern A/S is not obligated to monitor any transmitted or stored information, or to investigate circumstances indicating illegal activity.

Femern A/S may add to or change the material on the website at any time, or remove it without prior notice or explanation. Femern A/S may also temporarily limit access to certain material or to the whole website, for example for reasons of capacity limitations or other technical reasons. Use or registration does not imply any right or privilege to any material or continued availability of any material.

The information and data on the website have been compiled for the purpose of giving general information about the Fehmarnbelt fixed link project to the stakeholders and the public. Any liability for accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular use of the information and data is disclaimed.

Femern A/S recognizes and honours the requirements in mandatory laws as regards any matter related to the establishment and operation of this website. Femern A/S will forthwith upon being notified of any mistake infringing any mandatory law correct the same and indemnify injured persons to the extent required by such law. Femern A/S disclaims any liability extending beyond the requirements of mandatory laws.

Femern A/S reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time without prior notice or explanation duty.